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Pregnancy Shoot Congratulations! You're having a baby!

There’s a very special time coming up. The growth of your belly, the little kicks and then those beautiful ultrasounds of the baby…

But as soon as the little one arrives, you soon forget how beautiful your belly actually was. When you have this extraordinary period captured, you can always look back on a valuable memory.

As a photographer I have had the pleasure of photographing many mommy’s to be.

My wardrobe is at your disposal!

There is a wide choice of different cloths and dresses that you can use for free. Take a look at my wardrobe to see what I have in my collection.

I also have some dresses available for the big sisters. Of course we won’t forget your partner, they can also be photographed. Although they often don’t like this during the photo shoot, afterwards they are happy to have joined! And big brothers and/or sisters are of course more than welcome.

When’s the best time to come?

The best time to capture your pregnancy is between 29-36 weeks, depending on how fast your belly grows.

Do you want photos taken in the studio or on location? It’s all possible. Feel free to discuss what suits you best.

Tip: In combination with the Newborn shoot you currently get a nice discount!)

You can send me a message right here, or take a look at the rest of my pregnancy pictures below.