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Newborn Photographer They're still so little...

You’re searching for a Newborn Photographer? Then look no further because you’ve found her!

First of all: Congratulations to your little one! That’s the best thing there is, your mini human being.

With my many years of experience with newborn sessions I will capture a valuable memory for you, beautiful pictures that you can look back on years later with a lot of pleasure.

Book the Newborn Shoot on time

Because that tiny little one will be growing in no time!

For this photo shoot, I’m coming to your home with my equipment. That way you don’t have to leave the house and you have all the comforts of home at hand.

I want to describe my style as pure, natural, dreamy and warm, so I like to work with many natural materials and soft tones. This way I create beautiful and tranquil pictures where your baby is the focus of attention.

I don’t work with complicated poses, my work flow is mainly looking at the baby and what the baby allows. They actually determine how the session will go. For this photo shoot we take plenty of time (2 to 3 hours). We do everything calmly, so there is always enough room for a cuddle, food or just a clean diaper.

It is wise to contact me for a newborn shoot early into your pregnancy, this way I can take the due date into account in my agenda. As soon as the little one is born, you will contact me a.s.a.p. to schedule the final date (for the best results I prefer to shoot between 4 and 21 days old).

How does a newborn photo shoot work?

Before the session I will give you information on how you can prepare for the shoot. It is pleasant for the baby when the room is warm.

I will first install and set up my equipment (this often takes up to 15 minutes). I always photograph at the largest window, this is often in the living room (with the large window I have the most daylight at my disposal). It may be needed that some furniture has to be moved to get the setting ready. When everything is set up and the baby is calm the photo shoot can start!

As I mentioned before, my working method is mainly determined by the baby, I try to disturb their rhythm as little as possible. If he or she allows it, I change the pose or add an accessory. Not every baby likes a certain pose, so don’t pin too much on that one picture. A newborn shoot takes a lot of patience ( let that be a good quality of me ), and safety comes first! After the photo shoot I take all my stuff with me and I make sure that the used accessories are washed again.

What accessories do I bring?

Cloths, wraps, hairbands, hats, outfits, baskets and bowls as desired. A heater, my camera, background system and of course my many years of experience.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Set the heating to the “sambal” setting (ca. 24/25 degrees) – I’ll bring a small heater too.
  • Do you want the little one in the picture without the clothes? Then take them off for the last feeding and wrap them in a warm cloth (nappy may remain on until we take the pictures).
  • Babies get calm and sleepy when they have been in a bath before the photo shoot.
  • Try to feed them before the photo shoot if possible.
  • Rest is very important for the baby, so let the family & friends visit another day.

Interested? You can send me a message right here, or take a look at the rest of my Newborn Pictures below.