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Breastfeeding Naturally in the picture!

Breastfeeding is something very special. I know it like no other because I breastfed our son for almost 2 years and this experience will always stay with me… but what I don’t have are nice pictures of these great moments together. Looking back I wish I had take the time to create some of these memories.

Sometimes you see other months, and it triggers your memories a little. Those little hands fiddling with your clothes, the eye contact with your little one and him falling asleep straight after feeding. They look so happy!

I love to lovingly capture these moments for you. This way you can always look back at this beautiful memory! You never know how long you can breastfeed, it’s over before you know it.

We can do this session in the familiar feeling of your own home, but with warm weather it’s also possible to do this at a location of your choice. Additionally my studio in Cothen is also an option.

The photo shoot takes about an hour. Depending on how long your baby drinks, I can also take some ‘normal’ pictures of you cuddling together, reading a book or playing a game together (when your child is older). 

I’d love to hear your wishes.